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This post was written by PIF on March 14, 2014

Cool New BDSM Adult xxx Cartoon Site!


Cartoons Of BDSM

This website caught us by surprise as it’s so new and wild that no one we thought knew of it until now. It has all original and some crossover BDSM adult cartoons. It’s a great mix and not only that it’s part of the Adult-Empire network of sites that gives you thousands and thousands of free adult movies, pictures, and more.

BDSM cartoons are a favorite all over the world and this site sure packs them in. Rope tied tits and dungeon masters and dominatrixes hover over their helpless victims with belts, whips, and other devices. If you like BDSM and S&M cartoons then click the image and see it all.

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This post was written by PIF on December 15, 2013

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Awesome CGI Monster Porn

Awesome CGI Monster Porn

This is even better CGI monster porn stuff.


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This post was written by PIF on March 5, 2013

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Video Couple Having Sex In Yankee Stadium Bathroom


This is going to start a trend. Next thing you know there will be videos all over the place of people having sex in public.

There are in fact several websites that feature people fucking in public and tons of videos and pics of it but these appear to be models and actors not real people having sex outdoors or in public places like in this story. How this story went viral is beyond me. How could anyone not know there are dozens of mainstream porn websites that feature public porn? In the UK especially they love taking videos and pictures of each other having sex in public places and they call it “dogging”.

With the number of cell phones and other cameras around it’s quite the hobby for people to take pictures and videos of each other having sex. To do it in public places is another risky adventure but people do it by the millions and share their pictures and videos.

Now that this story and video of these two people doing the nasty in a public bathroom during a Yankee game has gone viral, you can bet there will be thousands and thousands of videos popping up and there’s no way to stop them. There will be some very funny porn videos for sure with people having sex on theme park rides, in subways, restaurants like Starbucks, and more.

With so many new micro spy and surveillance cameras there’s no telling what is hidden and where it’s hidden.

Expect some very funny public sex videos to pop up very soon.


Great CGI Porn and funny big tits movie

CG porn cartoon big tits movies

You’ve got to see this excellent and funny animated movie featuring some awesome CGI. It’s a series of movies of a gorgeous blond with humongous tits and a big plump ass.

If you want to see the rest of the gallery check it out here: MORE BIG TIT ANIMATED CG MOVIES

These computer generated porn movies are just as good if not better than the stuff you see at the theaters from big corporations like PIXAR. The content gets better and better and you’ll be seeing full length feature movies like this soon. I’ll post them on the site as well.

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More Big Juicy Tits Squirting Milk Pictures And Videos!

You can’t deny the sight of a hot looking woman with big juicy tits squirting milk doesn’t turn you on and give you a laugh. This is a pretty one who obviously gets a kick out of her amateur lactation pictures and videos and just click on the photo to go to her gallery for lots more pictures of her big tits squirting milk.

The rest of the women in the videos and pics are just amazing. You wonder just how much milk these chicks can squeeze out of their breasts. Some guys get big time turned on by women squirting breast milk and this website offers all the most awesome amateur breast milking videos and pictures ever. You might even recognize some of them as your neighbor or the hottie at work or even a friend who has posted her pics and videos on the web.

So kick it and enjoy these awesome vids and pics!

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Funny Hardcore Interracial 3D Computer Generated Cartoons And Movies

interracial porn

You’re going to laugh your ass off at this website called Brutal Interracial because you would figure the name of the site would have friggin’ police running around all over.

Only on the web can you find interracial porn stuff like this and it’s computer generated cartoon porn. It’s very well done with lots of content and is part of a huge database of websites that you get into with just one small membership. The images are all hi definition and the movies are outstanding. You wonder that these kinds of movies and pics look like the Hollywood major motion pictures.

They even have soundtracks and voice acting, the works. So check out the site and you’ll be amazed.

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Free Funny Porn From “Porn Is Funny”

Funny Porn

We need to look at the best in funny porn on the internet and there is a lot of it.

Everyday somebody somewhere comes up with something that is so funny in the porn business we can’t help but post them online. Sometimes it’s just a blog and sometimes it’s a list of picture galleries or movie galleries that has something funny in the porn industry. You have everything from porn movie outtakes to just people being funny like the porn stars themselves cracking jokes or even some regular breaking news where some celebrity gets tangled up in funny porn situations.

Dirty Jokes

Add to tall that the tsunami of dirty jokes on the internet. People collect and post the funniest dirty jokes and show them at work or read them on their hand held devices like iPhones and Blackberries. We’re going to post a new directory and blog dedicated only to dirty jokes and have some cartoons to go along with them.

Free Porn

Finally, we only post free porn on Porn is Funny. You don’t have to pay for anything on this webite and blog because it’s all free. Free picture galleries and free movie galleries featuring big tit porn, anal sex porn, squirting porn, lactation porn, and more. I tall depens on if the porn is funny or not. Sometimes it may not be intentionally funny but sometimes it’s just funny. Also there are some funny websites like Cracked Magazine and Mad Magazine that post the funniest stuff you can imagine. If you miss them we’ll post some. So don’t worry about Porn is Funny, we only post free porn links.

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This post was written by PIF on March 5, 2011

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